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Book Review: Departure by A.G. Riddle





Flight 305 took off in 2014…
But it crashed in a world very different from our own…

With time running out, five strangers must unravel why they were taken..
And how to get home.

Without giving too many spoilers,  Harper Lane is a writer who has a career changing decision to make upon her arrival back home  to London.  There’s Nick Stone, who is on  his way to a meeting about building a dam across Gibraltar. Yul Tran, a computer scientist who has created a high-tech, super fast quantum internet service. And then there’s Sabrina Schröder;  a scientist who’s latest work harms half the passengers on the flight.  Somehow, someway they are all connected!



Upon reading the summary for Departure, I was very excited to read this book! From a plane crashing in an unknown place, to people being connected to one another – I really thought this would be a great mystery.

I originally bought this book because I thought it would be somewhat like the TV show Lost, but I was wrong! It was like a knock off version of it. This book had all the elements of being an epic sci-fi book, but it failed. I felt like this book was trying to be a hardcore sci-fi book, and it just didn’t happen.

Departure does start off good and honestly I was very nervous about reading this, (just the thought of a plane crashing freaks me out!), but it slowly got boring and dry. By the middle/end of the book, when it picked up a little, I had completely lost interest and found myself having a hard time finishing it. But when I finally did finish it, the ending , like the entire book was a let down.

Star rating:
black-20clip-20art-black-starblack-20clip-20art-black-star out of 5

Have you read Departure?
Did you enjoy this read?
Let me know what you think

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