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Mickey D’s, Please!

Last weekend marked 3 years since my husband and I moved to Japan. I remember being very tired; I was almost 6 month pregnant and can you imagine the discomfort I felt on that 10 hour ride? I was miserable, but happy.

I decided to take a look  at the very first blog post I made; it was about McDonald’s and boy was I happy to discover how good it was! When I read this post it made me feel grateful that my husband and I were lucky enough to have this experience of being in another country.

So here it is, my very first blog post! ….



Before arriving to Japan, one of the place my husband and I were most excited to try was McDonald’s. Yes I know, out of all the cool, and unique restaurants to try we were excited about McDonald’s. So, when we got off that 10+ hour flight, that was the first thing we ate!

Like many of the restaurants here in Japan, there are strange items on the menu. One burger had shrimp on it and another one had avocado, which probably isn’t bad, but the shrimp burger didn’t sound too good and I love to try new and strange things. One thing that I notice was the meal sizes. A large size meal is actually a medium size compared to America and a small is a kids size. It’s very tiny.




I tried a Chicken Filet-o and it was tasty, but my favorite part of the meal was the drink. I ordered a cherry blossom flavored drink and my husband got a pineapple one. The drinks were made with cherry blossom and pineapple flavor syrup mixed with Sprite. I did not like the cherry blossom drink. It tasted like the flavored cough medicine your parents would try to get you to take as a kid. Yeah, that bad. The pineapple was great! It tasted exactly like pineapples and none of the cough medicine taste. There were other flavors but when we came back to try them, they were gone. Hopefully they will make a return, so I can share them with you!


1398947168298.jpg   20140506_131802.jpg



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