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Reader’s Group Discussion Questions: Big Girl Panties

From HarperCollinsPublishers 

Book review coming soon, but until then here’s a few discussion questions…

1. Describe Holly and Logan. What misconceptions do they share about the other? How are they alike in spite of the difference in physical appearance? Are you more drawn to one of them?

2. Logan tells Natalie that “What I felt was amazingly lucky that someone like you would go out of your way to spend some of your free time with me.” What does he mean by “someone like you?” Do you think most men would feel that way about a woman like Natalie? What qualities does she have that might attract Logan besides her looks?

3. When Logan tries to draw Holly out about her eating habits, she says curtly: “I like to eat. End of story.” But why does Holly like to eat and what is Logan trying to make her aware of? Are her comfort foods really comforting to her?

4. Besides her eating habits, what other issues does Holly need to resolve before she can move on after her husband’s death? How does Logan help her to confront these painful issues? How does he complicate them?

5. How did both Holly and Logan turn the negatives of their early lives into positives? How do those experiences help them understand each other?

6. What do Logan’s best friends, Chase and Amanda Walker, think of Holly? Why do they want to see them get together? How do they each influence Holly and Logan? Is their meddling good or bad?

7. Talk about Chase and Amanda’s relationship. Choose a few adjectives to describe it. Why does it work for them?

8. Chase tells Holly, “sometimes not getting what you want is getting exactly what you need.” Explain the meaning behind his words. What does Holly truly want? What about Logan?

9. How does losing weight affect Holly? Is she the same person we met at the beginning of the story? What about Logan?

10. What qualities make a person attractive to you? Do you have a “type”? Is being an “ugly ducking” always a bad thing? 11. What made you choose to read Big Girl Panties? Explain the book’s title. How does it reflect Holly’s life at the beginning and at the end of the novel? What did you like best about the story?


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