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Local Tokyo: A Day at Hamura Zoo

Since the weather has started to shape up a bit, The Kid and I took a trip to our neighborhood zoo last Monday, and like always, we had a blast! The Hamura zoo is very small, but a perfect place for a short trip out of the house, and at ¥300 for adults and free for children under four, you just can’t beat it.

Besides the fact that its cheap and near our home, we really enjoy that we can interact with some of the animals. There’s a petting zoo and for a  very small fee ( ¥100 to ¥200),  you can feed some of  the animals like, the penguins and goats.

20160219_111513.jpg  17736_10204042446163678_2402735079404241128_n 20160219_113935.jpg

There is a large area where most families eat their lunches that has a  tiny snack shop,  picnic tables,  a few video game machines, and a space for children to run and climb on things.

If you are deciding to move to the Hamura area or have recently moved there, I would recommend you checking out the Hamura Zoo!

20160219_110836.jpg 20160219_113222.jpg 10329277_10204042451403809_7125876749611796648_n








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