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Life in Japan: A Day in Kawagoe


Over the weekend I met up with my friend Emiko and her daughter  at her home in Kawagoe. I have always wanted to visit Kawagoe, so I jumped at the opportunity when she asked us (myself and my daughter) to visit her.

The trip was planned three weeks in advance, so I was ready to go no matter what may happen. I woke up Thursday morning and was disappoint when I checked the weather. It said it was going to be cold and  rainy all weekend. Bummer! So I sent Emiko a message asking her if we were still on for our plans, and to my surprise, she said yes!

So with the final go, that Friday, my daughter and I traveled 1 hour to visit our friends in Kawagoe and despite the weather we had a ball!

On our first stop, Emiko took us to walk through of  Honmaru Goten of Kawagoe Castle. It was my first time ever seeing a castle. It only took us about 5 minutes to stroll around, but I was able to absorbed all of its beauty.



20160311_095725.jpg 20160311_095729.jpg 20160311_095021.jpg

20160311_095200.jpg  20160311_094822.jpg    20160311_095026.jpg


On our second stop, we visited Old Town and Candy Alley. Old Town is about one block long with shops and  cozy cafes housed in old Japanese buildings made of wood. Unfortunately, most of Candy Alley was closed when we arrived, so I wasn’t able to get many pictures.



20160311_101845.jpg           20160311_101948.jpg

20160311_101714.jpg         20160311_103257.jpg

Furin 風凛 restaurant was our third and last stop of our tour. Furin 風凛 , also known as KazeRin, has to be the best place to get sushi in the area. I’ve eaten sushi before, but I never enjoyed it. Mostly likely because I never had  “real” sushi . Furin 風凛 changed my taste buds towards sushi. Everything was as fresh as it could possibly be. I think I saw I pond out back; that’s how fresh  it was! We enjoyed a 7 course meal  in a private room located in the back of the restaurant. The scenery was absolutely  gorgeous. I wasn’t allowed to take many pictures of the inside, but I took as many as I could.

20160311_115515.jpg    20160311_115814.jpg









Due to the weather, we did not see as much as I wanted to, but I enjoyed my visit to Kawagoe anyway. I’m currently planning another trip as soon as the weather breaks. I can’t want to see Kawagoe in nice warm weather!

Have you ever been to Kawagoe?
What did you do? What do you see?

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